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Sunday, June 4, 2017

New Covers and Stories

Hello, everyone!

As most of you can already tell, I updated the covers of my free works; these are my short stories, novelas, and novelettes.  I want to give a shout out and special thanks to the wonderful artists at Deviant Art for their stock images.  I used these images in combination with my own artwork and clip art in some cases.  These stocks are for personal use and not for commercial.  Since my ebooks aren't in physical form, and they are free to download, there shouldn't be any infringement of these policies. (If any of the artists would prefer I not use their stock, please leave me a message so that I could rework the cover art).

Also, I have written two new shorts.  Each one will be posted on Smashwords very soon.  Please check my Smashwords author page for updates as I plan to release one within the next few days.  Smashwords will then distribute the short to other online vendors like Barnes and Noble, Amazon, etc. where you will be able to download the content.

Thank you, readers and artists!


Feeling - Cut Out by lardacil-stock - http://lardacil.deviantart.com/art/Feeling-cut-out-stock-77616834
PNG Castle 2 by MoonWaterLilly - http://moonwaterlilly.deviantart.com/art/Png-Castle-2-351978281

Girl PNG by Dea-Avi - http://dea-avi.deviantart.com/art/girl-png-680753819
Madd ShabbyChic Stock Texture by RavenMaddArtwork - http://ravenmaddartwork.deviantart.com/art/Madd-ShabbyChic-Stock-Texture-212668297

Premade BG 31 - Stock by InADesign Stock - http://inadesign.deviantart.com/art/Premade-BG-31-Stock-211040363
Wandering - Cut Out Stock by lardacil-stock - http://lardacil.deviantart.com/art/Wandering-cut-out-stock-72617349

Ghost Behind the Glass PNG by KarahRobinson-Art - http://karahrobinson-art.deviantart.com/art/Ghost-Behind-The-Glass-PNG-399833529
Haunted House 01 PNG Stock by Roy3D - http://roy3d.deviantart.com/art/Haunted-House-01-PNG-Stock-419733782

Friday, August 26, 2016

My thoughts on The Conjuring II

Hello, everyone!

I wanted to get back into writing blog posts, so I decided to write a bit of a movie review.  Well, of sorts....  This blog is really for my journey from project to publishing, but I thought I would change it up, especially since my projects have been slow going.

I grew up on a steady diet of horror movies.  While my mother was working, my older brothers watched us girls in the house.  We often played card games, heard music, and watched movies together.  We had more freedoms than most kids, but we handled it responsibly.  The worst thing we did was watch rated R movies.  At five, I remember watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre with my brother who is ten years older.  I wasn't frightened by any of the movies I saw.  I was intrigued, and I began to really love the genre.

As a teen and young adult, there was a big boom in shows concerning paranormal themes and I ate them up, watching all of them I could; Ghost Hunters, Paranormal State, Scariest Places on Earth, Most Haunted, etc.  Having my own supernatural experiences as a child and teen, these shows cemented my own experiences in my mind and gave me a type of validation of sorts.  None of these shows were ever as scary as the real thing for me, and so I was not effected negatively by them, just intrigued.

The reason I mention these things is because some people cannot tolerate something even the slightest bit scary.  If you cannot, then the Conjuring II is not a movie for you.  It can be traumatic for people who are fearful to watch these types of movies.  I wasn't even born when The Exocist was released, but I remember hearing stories that watching the movie made people sick.  Many had to run out of the movie theaters before it was over.  If one has such a raw reaction to this kind of content, it is better to miss it, than to watch it and be tormented by the mental replay of its scenes in your mind.

However, if you are like me, this movie, which is based on reality, this movie can reaffirm one's beliefs in an afterlife.  I have been a fan of the Warrens since watching Paranormal State where Lorraine Warren was a regular consultant.  Although I wasn't fully in the Catholic Church back then, the show depicted how Catholics deal with the paranormal.  I found it so interesting, because again, these people who were tormented by spiritual warfare in their homes were reflections of my own experience, and there was a bit of a kinship as if those who have experienced these things are apart of a community.  I will add that some movies are even too much for me.  I still haven't seen The Exocist.  I refuse to see it.

The Conjuring II was excellent in my humble opinion.  It was a great sequel that stands alone in and of itself.  Beside the usual jump scares, the plot was well developed and the characters really leave a lasting impression long after the film is over.  Most of us can relate to the overwhelmed single mom, the bullied child, the abandonment issues associated with a absentee father, etc.  The Catholic values of the Warrens' relationship was really depicted throughout and quite endearing.

While the first Conjuring surrounded the family being tormented, this one gave Ed and Lorraine a larger role in the plot.  From my viewpoint, it really depicted the struggle to follow God's will.  The Warrens' found a mission in helping families tormented by demons.  They were two of the chosen few who were trusted to investigate cases for the Catholic Church which isn't a small feat.  The Church doesn't just trust anyone really to investigate such things.  The subplot aside from the haunting really featured the struggle in following the will of God and the toll it takes on the family.  Remember, demons don't respect personal boundaries or are limited to one household.

Anyone can watch this film and be fully entertained.  However, there is more to this film than a scary movie.  It is based on real life events.  For a Catholic, this movie really affirms the power of the faith and puts spiritual warfare into perspective.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Personal Update

Hello, everyone.

I want to thank everyone who has been checking in on my blog and website, waiting for updates and new releases.  Special thanks to those who enjoyed my writing and felt the need to contact me.  I'm always surprised to hear from readers.  I haven't updated my blog or website or written a newsletter in months but faithful readers have continued to visit, and I think it's amazing!

First, I wanted to say that there have been significant delays in the writing of Wicked Voices, so much so that I had to make a blog post.  Many personal circumstances have taken up my time since I started writing, and those personal concerns take precedence over any writing projects.  Sometimes life takes turns, and those abrupt changes create blockages.  Any plans I have made to pick up the pace have failed.  I'm hoping that the near future is a bit more conducive to the creative process.  I expected to finish Wicked Voices by Winter 2016/17, but it is looking like it will be delayed until Spring 2017.

Second, it has been brought to my attention that those who purchased Wicked Love within the first few months of release may have not received Chapter 24.  This problem exists only on Nook downloads.  Kindle, Apple iBooks, and Smashwords have no issues with this.  No one has emailed me, requesting the chapter, but I looked into it.  If the chapter is missing, it is as easily as archiving the book and re-downloading it after a few days.  The missing chapter will appear.

Thank you all so much for your patience and support for my writings.  I hope to release better works in the future, so we can continue our literary adventures.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Wicked Love: Chapter 24

Hi, everyone.

It has been a long while since I posted on my blog.  It is not from lack of wanting to.  I have been focusing my energy in my manuscripts and other writing projects.  But anyway, back to the topic of the post at hand...

It has been brought to my attention that a glitch may have taken place on Nook Press, and those that have purchased the ebook of WICKED LOVE may not have received Chapter 24.  I addressed this in the comments/reviews section on Wicked Love's Barnes and Noble page in response to a reader, but it needs a mention here.  There are two fixes for this problem.
     1) Archive the book on your nook or Barnes and Noble account.  Download it again after a few days, and the missing chapter will appear.  It must download again, not just reload, so this takes a wait of a few days for the book to be out of your device to download again.  *Note - DO NOT DELETE THE BOOK, because then B&N will make you buy it again.
     2) Email me through my website.  I will email you a .pdf version of Chapter 24.

This will not be an issue with anyone who will download this book in the future.  I hope the problem has been fixed since this came to my attention.  If there is ever any issue with any of my works, feel free to email me.  There is an email button on my website.  It is never a bother to correct issues or email readers to make my product better.  Thank you!!!

Monday, October 19, 2015


Hey, guys.

I just wanted to write a bit of an update for my readers who are waiting for new material.  I have been more relaxed in terms of my contact on social media.  While still posting on Google and Facebook, I haven't really been blogging or writing my monthly newsletter.  I have been focused solely on my writing projects which have been more time consuming and draining that previous ventures.  I have been working on two novels and a short story, so my free time has been split between all three which is not uncommon for authors.  Still, I haven't been writing as much as I should as I should push myself more and that is why I needed the break from social media and the other side stuff that I do.  The break, in general, was a good time for me to relax and take a step back, even from my projects.

Wicked Voices is about 1/3 of the way done, and I am projecting a summer 2016 release.  There are always delays with these things, so don't quote me.  As fast as the ideas flow, that is as fast as I write.  When ideas are not flowing as much, it is hard to find inspiration.

My other manuscript will not be released and neither will the short until a future time, because these are works I want to submit to writing contest and other institutions.  I will be releasing Scattered on Smashwords and, eventually, on other online bookstores.  I may rework the cover, because I wasn't happy with it in the first place.

Thank you all for continuing to read my older posts and visiting my blog, despite the fact that I haven't posted in over three months.  I will be posting on here again, so you shouldn't have to wait that long to hear from me again.  Thanks!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Taking a Long Breath

I have found my attention being pulled in several directions and it was time for me to pull back from social media.  While I never stopped working on my manuscripts or completely stopped communication online, I decided that it was time for a much needed break.  For me, that meant not posting as much.  When I did that, I found that I had more time to just relax and recharge and write.  I am slowly drifting back to social media and posting, but I loved the quiet time I experienced when I shut off the internet that I may just spend more days in solitude, trying to get as much work as possible done.

I've been working hard on my manuscripts, one being Wicked Voices.  My editor already finished editing the first third and had no complaints about the plot, so I am moving forward on that.  The other manuscript that I am working on needed a few changes and I am almost done with those changes.  Overall, this time has been spent productively, despite the rest periods in between.

I have joined Blab Reads and will be posting on there.  I really want to see what the YA audience likes and would be interested in reading, testing out new material perhaps.  Join me on there if you can.

I am going to post Scattered onto Smashwords to make it available to a wider audience.  Amazon didn't thrill me with advertising/promotion it as it is meant to when one is exclusively selling on there.  I am also thinking of writing a story exclusively for Channillo.com in the future, but that may be a few months away since I am working on two manuscripts right now.

Thank you for hanging in there with me.  More quality work is on its way.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Does Someone Else's View Affect YOURS?

Recently, I read an article where a well-known author was shaming a Christian Church for basically not allowing homosexual unions, and it got me thinking... why do celebrities think we care?  Now, the moral issues/flawed rational of the statement has been addressed by me on Google+, so I don't really want to get into here.  This post is more about why certain people in the public eye think they are a moral authority.

There will always be those who genuinely want to share their views, believing their views are righteous and correct.  However, no one's views are always accepted 100%.  Why?  Because someone will always have a contradicting view!  No one thinks exactly like you.  This is why communication is such a big problem in all  forms of relationships.

Now, one has to have an ego the size of Texas to believe that their beliefs trump a religion that has existed longer than them, trump a God who has handed down moral laws going back thousands of years, but hey, they're a celebrity and people will have to listen to them.  Nope.  I know many people that do not care about celebrities or their voting habits or their opinion.  I mean... many celebrities can't even bother to sign autographs for us common folk.

So, who can "celebrity" have an effect on?  The young.  Young people want to be like their favorite personality.  They want to dress like them, smell like them, do the things that they do, etc.  They do not know that the perfumes that are being marketed aren't actually worn by the personality.  They just want it.  They want clothes from their favorite celeb's clothing line.  They do not realize that some of those designs, probably most, were thought up by young designers and the celeb just approves them, putting their name on the label.  Even those charity events you see on television that cement your belief in the caring generosity of that public figure is an act.  Some celebrities get paid big bucks to be at those events.

The young are the most impressionable and many in the public eye know how to use media to sway public opinion.  They will say that religion is outdated, and those who do not know better would agree.  They will say "I believe this, so it is right", and those who do not know better would agree.  But no celebrity should be the moral authority of your life.  Consider the rampant drug use in Hollywood or the philandering.  The rich and famous use and exploit more young girls than small countries.  Drugs are offered at Hollywood parties like candy.  These people are human and flawed.  They shouldn't be the voice of morality for anyone, perhaps many need to seek out someone to help them.

So, the next time your favorite author, actor, or musician asks you to vote for something or support a cause that you are not actively pursuing already, take it with a grain of salt.  Remember, many celebrities supported Obama and got him into the White House for two terms... What a raging success that has been!  Many journalists and political science specialists say that he will go down in history as the worst president ever!  But, hey, celebrities dig him.  I hear some visit him for private meetings in the White House.  Why not?