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My name is Sandra Madera, and I am a recent college grad, obtaining my bachelor's degree in science. However, my true passion has always been writing. Growing up watching soap operas and playing with doll houses, I dreamed up hundreds of stories in my head everyday. I began writing in the second grade when I was honored with a prize after writing a fun short story about animals playing baseball. I have recently self-published the sequel to my first full-length novel entitled Lament: A Restraint Novel, released several short stories, and finished working on Wicked Magic: A Weeping Willow Novel. Now I am working on my latest novel. For more information, please visit my website www.sandramadera.com or http://sandra-madera.blogspot.com.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Literary Trends and Genres for 2015

Now that Wicked Love has been released, I have a bit of time between writing and emailing bloggers to talk about the literary trends in genres.  In 2015, the trend of new releases in the traditional realm of publishing will be paranormal and dystopian novels.  Namely, themes of vampires and zombie apocalyptic novels, but there will be more dramatic books regarding the death of loved ones.  So, what should the indie writer go along with?  What should they plan to write this year?

Well, my view has always been to write what you feel like writing.  Some writers tend to spot the trend and to write accordingly, but I prefer to be different and just write a great book that could stand out.  If the supermarket is only selling Vanilla and Chocolate ice cream, be Rocky Road.  I guarantee that when taste buds get tired of bland flavors, buyers will be in the mood for some Rocky Road.

Trends are great predictions of cultural trends in movies and television programming which books tend to mirror, but they can be limiting as far as the creative process.  Have you ever tried to write a book your heart wasn't into because it is a popular genre?  It is torture!

I know that, as a writer, especially in the indie world, it is important to establish a voice and a brand.  People want to trust that if you wrote their favorite horror novel, your next book will be their next favorite horror novel.  My problem with that is that it pigeon-holes a writer into only writing one genre.  Most authors work around that by having several pen names, one for each genre.  I choose just to write.  My preferred genres has always been paranormal and suspense, but if I just stuck to those, I would have never written Weeping Willow which is a Fantasy series.

So, what is my point?  My point is write what you feel.  Write a story that you would want to read, regardless of the limitations of genre.  Fantasy is out of my comfort zone.  I never thought I was creative enough to dream up other worlds or the creatures which dwelt in them, but the books of the Weeping Willow Series has been some of my best received works.  So, keep writing, writers!  But, first and foremost, be original and write what you love, not what the trend dictates.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Wicked Love Released!

Hello, everyone!

It is just over half past midnight where I am from and that can mean only one thing... Wicked Love has been officially released.

I have published on Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Smashwords.  While Amazon and Smashwords have already uploaded the book, Barnes and Noble takes a bit longer.  It can take anywhere from a few hours to a day to show up in your Nook Store, so please keep your eyes open for it.

For those signed up to my newsletter, this month's newsletter has been sent out.  Please follow the instructions to receive your free copy of Wicked Love.

This book has been a long time in the making.  I carried a bit of anxiety around, not wanting to disappoint my readers, but when I released that energy and wrote the book I wanted, I created a unique, emotional ride which holds its own next to Wicked Magic.  I wanted the follow up to Wicked Magic to be just as good, if not, better.  I think I achieved that with Wicked Love.

Barnes and Noble

Wicked Love: Josie's Haven Review

Hello, readers!

Josie from Josie's Haven Book Blog has read Wicked Love.  She loved it and rated it 5 stars!  She will be posting her review of the book tomorrow and it should be up on her blog and Wicked Love's Goodreads page.  I will leave the links below for you.

Special thanks to Josie for reading and reviewing Wicked Love!

Josie's Haven: http://josies-haven.blogspot.com/

Wicked Love Goodreads Page: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18394653-wicked-love

Friday, January 23, 2015

Amazon Preorder

Hi, everyone.

I just put through the Amazon Preorder information for Wicked Love. It should load in the next few hours and be available for purchase by tonight or tomorrow.  For those that have mindless, this is great news.

Now for those who read on Nooks, Barnes and Noble does not have a preorder function on nookpress. But I will submit everything at midnight on the first, so it will be ready by the morning of February 1st. Smashwords readers should know that Smashwords does have a preorder option but it must be done two weeks before release, and I am a day short. I will load Wicked Love around midnight so that the early birds will have the ability to buy it.

Thank all of you for being so patient during this process. This journey into writing Wicked Love has taken about 6 months but it was really a two and a half year wait. Wow! Your reviews of Wicked Magic really inspired me to write the best book possible because it pushed me to be also a better writer and storyteller.

Wicked Love is being read by Josie's Haven and will be reviewed on her site soon. Look out for that. I will be posting a link for that as soon as I get that.


Sunday, January 4, 2015

Wicked Love Release Date

Hello, everyone!

Today I will be finishing up the last chapter of Wicked Love.  Writing this extension of the Weeping Willow Series was truly an adventure.  From being sick with the flu and a subsequent cold to family occasions and distractions, there were many obstacles in the six months since I started writing Wicked Love.

Although I plan with a loose outline the plot of the novel, much of the writing is organic and free flowing.  This way of writing is less rigid and more enjoyable.  Even with the small amount of plotting that was done, I have to say that the outcome was beyond my expectations.  I really love the way this book evolved and the worlds I get to dream up as an author.  I hope that no one will be disappointed with this installment and that everyone will see it as an awesome continuation of Wicked Magic.

Although I am basically done with the novel, I still have to edit.  So, the official release date is Sunday, February 1st, 2015.  This will give me time so that I am not rushing the editing process.  The final book ended up being over 88,000 words, so it is my longest book to date.  It is sure to be filled with many errors that need attention.

All of those who have joined my newsletter will receive a free copy.  For all of those signed up, you will receive a code to download your copy from Smashwords.  Please be sure to leave a review upon reading it.

Thank you, everyone, for being patient and awaiting this book with anticipation.  God bless!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Flu

Hey, everyone!

Well, I got... the flu.  Being sick totally delayed my plans, and I had to stop writing for a while.  Now that I am on the mend, I hope to get back into writing at the same pace as before.  With four chapters left to write and editing to do, I would like to release Wicked Love sometime in January 2015.  There were a lot of unforeseen delays in writing this manuscript, but hopefully, it will all be worth it once you read the journey.  Those subscribed to my newsletter will be sent codes to download a free copy.  If you want a free copy of Wicked Love, consider signing up for my newsletter.

God Bless you this Christmas and New Year!

Monday, November 17, 2014

What is Wicked Love?

So, I should start off by saying that... when I finish the second half of the chapter I am currently working on, I will have five more chapters left to write in this installment of the Weeping Willow Series.  A number of themes are prominent in this novel and jump out at you in various times during the journey; love, time, salvation, sin, redemption, loss, sacrifice, etc.

Ultimately, it is redemption through repentance which is key in this story, not time as the blurb would suggest.  There is a call to change that Nalin has been woken up to.  He doesn't remember key moments in his life that made him seek to change, but he is driven by a series of events to recall those instances where he reflected on his own salvation.  There is a touch of acknowledgement that true love is a sacrifice of self and he is willing to sacrifice his life for the one he loves.  I hope that translates when you read this novel.

I am working hard to finish this novel and haven't been writing blog posts as often as I hoped.  My focus is finishing up what is remaining to get started on the next.  I hope to finish this novel by the end of the month so that I can edit and publish it in December.  We'll see.

Why is the book called Wicked Love?
Well, Nalin is basically watching his lost love commit wicked acts which he is unable to stop.  Nalin, although he is called to help Willow by an unseen force within him, doesn't know exactly how to help her and is forced to put his own life in jeopardy to save her.

Who is more wicked, Willow or Nalin?
Both Nalin and Willow have done bad things in their lives that need to be rectified.  No one's hands are clean.  Both have been condemned by others.  Nalin in his battle for immortality and his quest to create life outside of the natural order.  Willow's sin was not in being born, because that was beyond her control.  But her birth made her a curious creature, and her own actions will be foretold in the book.

Is Nalin the only one in need of change?
No.  Everyone in the story will become unhinged in some ways.  Characters that were once voices of reason... like Rosalyn, will seem unable to control their conflicting emotions.  Characters that were dark, like Daphne, may come to see the errors in their ways to a certain degree.  Even Nalin, who is consumed by blood lust, will have to exert some control in order to seek help.  But, for Nalin, the first step to real change is knowing that there is a problem and asking for help.

I hope you all love this book as I do.  There are a lot of recollections that will take you back to the first stories.  For some, this will evoke the need to read them over again.  I want to thank all of those who have posted reviews on Barnes and Noble for the short stories.  Yes, I know they are short; hence, short stories, but your love of the characters made me realize that there was more to tell about Nalin and Willow's world.  And a special thank you to those who have read the stories multiple times!  Wow!  I am always surprised when people read my work and find it interesting, but to read it multiple times, that is just the best compliment.  Thank you!