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My name is Sandy. I am Catholic. Besides religious topics, I am interested in politics. This profile is really to showcase my ideas. In the words of St. Bernadette, "My job is to inform, not convince."

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Editing... Editing... and More Editing...

I have been spending my time lately editing my first YA fiction novel, entitled Restraint. It is about vampires in the Victorian era. I hate the editing process, but, then again, who doesn't? I am finding so many errors that I must have been writing it in the dark! But fixing errors and adding more detail will benefit the story, give the reader more insight. I might get a critique partner later to help me and give me their take on the plot.

I have also been working on the teaser trailer for the book which took me about three hours total, but looks amazing! I can't wait to post it, but I think I will save it until I get my website up and running which shouldn't take too much longer. Stay posted...

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