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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Working on Lament Preview

I was feeling under the weather today which totally interfered with my plans...
Although I am hard at work writing my upcoming novel Lament and it is not due to be released until later this year, I am working on releasing a three chapter book preview which I will post on Feedbooks. Like all of my stories and my novel, it will also have a book teaser trailer, but I haven't even started on that yet...
Lament will take off right where Restraint left off but through another character's point of view. I promise it will all make perfect sense...

Finally, I am going to be working on another short story entitled Overboard which I would like to release this summer. I know what I want the story to be about, but I have to make a sequence of events and perhaps a timeline. It will be dramatic... Because if it weren't, it wouldn't be me! :)

I'll write back again soon with updates... so stay tuned.

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