Sunday, August 7, 2011

Perhaps... Weeping Willow 3???

I have gotten some emails about Weeping Willow. Most readers write about how they fell in love with the characters of Nalin and Willow. Others ask me if there is going to be another installment.

I always intended Weeping Willow to be a two part short story and I never intended to write another installment. I wouldn't exactly know how to go about writing another installment right now. But you never know... Maybe in the future. Perhaps Daphne will stage a rebellion!

However, I think that if I do write it than it will not be distributed as freely as I have made the others. I think it would be an exclusive short story for members of my blog. Or maybe I will start up a newsletter and make the short story a perk of joining. I am still kind of toying around with the idea so nothing is set in stone. Right now, I am engrossed in writing my novel Lament so I don't have any plans for more short stories at this moment.