Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mailing List

Hello, everyone.

I added the mailing list feature on my website and my blog.  It can be seen on the right-hand panel.  All it takes is to enter your email and you are all set.  Emails will be sent out no more than once a month with updates, promotions, freebies, etc.  This will be a good way to keep track of new releases.

Those who sign up will get a FREE PDF version of Scattered.  More freebies are planned for the future but these will only be offered to subscribers.

Please be sure to sign up!

Unedited Wicked Love Prologue

This is the complete and unedited prologue for Wicked Love and cannot be reposted or copied without direct permission by the author. So, read and enjoy, but please do not repost.


On my Earth, there was a myth about willows. Curiously, my mother would often recount it to me before she tucked me in at night. When I learned my true name, I recalled it faintly as it bubbled up from the back of my mind, but I pushed it away, not wanting to face the truth. It took me a long while to realize that this story from my childhood would inexplicably shape the course of my life.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

What's Up Now

Hello, everyone in cyberspace! I hope all is well. Things have been getting better as far as internet connection and I am able to post again.

So, one thing I have been working on is a post about character building based on a quote I read by Stephen King. So that might be published on Blog Critics before my actual blog. Eventually, I will post it on here so look out for that.

Everyone knows I am writing Wicked Love right now, but I was thinking of starting an email list so that I can communicate with readers about what is new, freebies, release dates, cover reveals, etc. I am going to be working on adding that to my blog. If you would like yo be added to my emailing list, you can waiting until I install the tool or email me personally at Each person who signs up will save themselves $0.99 by receiving a FREE copy of Scattered.

I updated my wallpapers on my website,, so that is a fun thing to check out. I have one of my wallpapers on my computer as a desktop and it looks lovely...I must say. :)

Another thing is that since I posted the initial preview of Wicked Love, I finished the prologue so it is longer and more detailed than the version put up on the last posting. I will add the whole prologue as apart of a future post.

Remember to keep posting reviews and spreading the good reading on to friends. Your review or referral could be the difference between someone reading my work or missing out entirely!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Uhhh.... Time Warner Cable kills me!

Hi, everyone.

If you haven't guessed, air have Time Warner Cable which has been experiencing some technical difficulties with their WiFi in my area. So I haven't had internet since yesterday morning.  I am stuck using my phone data as I write this.

This outage came in the middle of updating my website and zazzle account. It drives me crazy! This comes as results of the ranking of cable providers were announced. Time Warner was ranked dead last.

Once the internet is up, I will update some images (wallpapers and bookmarks) and some things on my blog. Malcontent has been published as a softcover and I will update the links on my website. Right now, it is available on Amazon.