Friday, January 31, 2014

Phoney Downloads

It has come to my attention that certain internet sites claim to offer my book, Lament, free to download in various formats. Take CAUTION with these claims.

These sites are phoney and the only thing you will download is a virus on your hard drive. Emails to these sites bounce back because their contact information is deliberately incorrect which is a sure sign of inappropriate action that shows their need to remain hidden.

My novels are not available for free and are encrypted to prevent piracy. I will always sell my work from reputable online bookstores. These sites will claim audiobooks and certain versions which do not exist. For the sake of your computer, download my work from a proper online source.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Q/A: How Do I Write A Great Book Review?

Q: How do I write a great book review?

A: Excellent question!  There are some people that write something like "great book" and call it a day, but a good review has different elements.  A great review contains these elements.  I may miss some things that people like to post in their reviews, but here are a few tips I live by when writing reviews on Barnes and Nobles or Amazon.

I would like to mention that some people post summaries of the literary work before writing their opinion.  That can be a mistake.  In writing your summary, it can give away critical plot points.  So, in doing this, take caution.

There can always be more to add to this process of reviewing.  For short reviews, I prefer STOOW: Star Rating, Titling Your Review, Opinion of Key Characters, Opinion of Plot, and Worth Reading Value.

Inspiration Behind The Collector

Hello, everyone!

I am going to caution anyone who hasn't read The Collector here. What I am about to write may contain spoilers or be close to the plot... So if you haven't read it, read it and then return to read this post.
I wanted to talk about how I was inspired to write The Collector. I think that by talking about this part of the process it will, hopefully, encourage others to find inspiration in their lives or help the reader to relate to the themes within the book.

First of all, the idea for The Collector came way before I started writing it in 2013. It actually started back in 1996 when I had a dream that jarred me. It was so real that when I jolted awake... I didn't know where I was for a long minute. I spent months thinking about the dream and what it could have meant. I researched castles in Scotland and stories of the Green Lady in that part of the world which happen to be very popular. I always thought the dream would make a great story so I decided to write it.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Yearly Novelette for 2014 is...The Collector

Hello, everyone!

Happy New Year!  Hopefully everyone has a wonderful 2014 in front of them with continued health and blessings.

Every year I release a free novelette/short story for my readers.  This new year is no different.  I'm releasing The Collector.  This story has been a long time coming since it is loosely based on a dream I had many years ago which I still think about.

I am currently going over formatting for publishing my work on Smashwords.  It should be published by the end of the day and within a week or two at other online bookstores. Please be sure to download it and leave a review.  Your reviews are important to me and other readers who don't know whether or not to give indie authors a shot.

Again, have a Happy New Year!

Download The Collector here