Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Literary Trends and Genres for 2015

Now that Wicked Love has been released, I have a bit of time between writing and emailing bloggers to talk about the literary trends in genres.  In 2015, the trend of new releases in the traditional realm of publishing will be paranormal and dystopian novels.  Namely, themes of vampires and zombie apocalyptic novels, but there will be more dramatic books regarding the death of loved ones.  So, what should the indie writer go along with?  What should they plan to write this year?

Well, my view has always been to write what you feel like writing.  Some writers tend to spot the trend and to write accordingly, but I prefer to be different and just write a great book that could stand out.  If the supermarket is only selling Vanilla and Chocolate ice cream, be Rocky Road.  I guarantee that when taste buds get tired of bland flavors, buyers will be in the mood for some Rocky Road.

Trends are great predictions of cultural trends in movies and television programming which books tend to mirror, but they can be limiting as far as the creative process.  Have you ever tried to write a book your heart wasn't into because it is a popular genre?  It is torture!

I know that, as a writer, especially in the indie world, it is important to establish a voice and a brand.  People want to trust that if you wrote their favorite horror novel, your next book will be their next favorite horror novel.  My problem with that is that it pigeon-holes a writer into only writing one genre.  Most authors work around that by having several pen names, one for each genre.  I choose just to write.  My preferred genres has always been paranormal and suspense, but if I just stuck to those, I would have never written Weeping Willow which is a Fantasy series.

So, what is my point?  My point is write what you feel.  Write a story that you would want to read, regardless of the limitations of genre.  Fantasy is out of my comfort zone.  I never thought I was creative enough to dream up other worlds or the creatures which dwelt in them, but the books of the Weeping Willow Series has been some of my best received works.  So, keep writing, writers!  But, first and foremost, be original and write what you love, not what the trend dictates.