Thursday, May 23, 2013

Shattered Reviewed!!!

Hello, everyone!

I should have posted this a two weeks ago, but I am posting it now. Shattered has been reviewed by two blogs.

Emma Wolf's Blog: click here to see the full review

"I liked her writing style. The author used a lot of metaphor and imagery that I thought added depth to descriptions."

Turn the Page Book Blog: click here to see the full review

"I really enjoyed this short story by Sandra Madera. I thought it was really well written, well put together and had a great plot. I was left in suspense throughout the whole story and found myself liking or disliking characters, that in the end were justified."

*As a side note: The Weeping Willow shorts were also reviewed by Book Heaven. To see that short review click here.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wicked Magic Reviewed by BCM!!!

Wicked Magic was favorably reviewed today by Books Complete Me Blog. Special thanks goes out to Nicole for her honest reviews. To read the whole review click here.

"Sandra Madera's writing is easy to follow, and it flows real well! I love reading books where I'm transported to other worlds, even if they tend to dip into the human realm too!"

Josie Epping also reviewed Wicked Magic a few months back. To read that review click here.

Thank you to everyone for your reviews and continued support of my work. As an Indie Author, it is very hard to get attention for my work. But thanks to bloggers/reviews who are open to reading Indie, it is possible.