Thursday, October 9, 2014

YA Novel Malcontent Free

In honor of my birthday month, I have given those within my mailing list the opportunity to download Malcontent, book three of the Restraint Trilogy, for FREE.

The way the Restraint Trilogy works is that the beginning is the end and the story works its way towards the revealed ending.  Malcontent is the third book, but as the other books, it is really the beginning of the nightmare that ensued in the lives of three women.

If you log into, you can download Malcontent for free by using a coupon code.  This code will only work for the month of October.  Please share with anyone who might be interested in reading a YA vampire novel.

The code is: GT94R

Wicked Love Book Update

Hey, Everyone.

Wicked Love is now over two thirds of the way completed.  I am currently writing the final twelve chapters.

My editor is in the midst of editing the portion of the book which has been completed.  When I hear back from her, I can get a sense of what needs to be corrected or changed.  I would love to finish the last few chapters within the next month so that I can have it edited and released by  November.  However, I would rather produce an amazing book than rush an underdeveloped story.

I have decided that the end of this book will have a wedding ceremony for Willow and Nalin.  This ceremony will give way to the cliffhanger that will lead people towards the next book.  Traveling to other realms will also be key, both within this book and the next one.  I want for readers to experience other creatures that are alluded to in prior writings.  Stay tuned.