Monday, November 14, 2011


I have finally gotten around to adding wallpapers to my site. I started off with desktops for Restraint, Lament, and Wicked Magic. I hope to have at least one for each of my works so stay tuned. I will be adding one for Sangre Falls and both parts of Weeping Willow.

I also have to work on a video teaser for Wicked Magic which will be posted soon.

If you have any other suggestions on what I should post, let me know by posting a message. Don't  be afraid to be vocal!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bookmarks and Wallpapers

Hello, everyone.

I just posted a new bookmark on my site for Wicked Magic. "The quote is something that I plan to add to the novel. It is something Willow will say about Nalin to justify her search for him.

I plan to add more bookmarks and wallpapers in the future for all my works. I have many ideas and I will hopefully have the time to execute them in the near future.

Stay posted to this blog and my website to see all the things I will be adding to my website.


Wicked Magic, A Weeping Willow Novel

Can love truly conquer all? Even death? Willow is about to find out.

Just when Willow and Nalin were ready to bind their life forces in a marriage ceremony, their time of peace has ended. Willow finds out a secret that is both the cause of their union and exile. Daphne, Nalin’s evil sister, has gathered a group of powerful allies in her quest to regain the Ljosalfar kingdom and overthrow their newly formed government. Hoping to separate Willow and Nalin forever, Daphne casts her brother into the darkest and deadliest realm imaginable... Hades.

However, Daphne never expected Willow to delve into the depths of hell to reunite with her lost love and try to set things right. Rules have been broken... Deals have been made... How much is Willow willing to risk to save Nalin’s soul?

For more details, stay posted.