Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Progress Report

Hi, everybody.

I have received some inquiries about Wicked Chemistry and where it can be purchased.  Wicked Chemistry is the first book in the Weeping Willow Series.  It consists of the first two Weeping Willow stories that are available to download free in all major online stores.  Wicked Chemistry is a soft cover version which includes both shorts and an extra short.  This version will be released next year.  It will not be released as an ebook.  The two major stories that should be read before Wicked Magic are always available for free online.  The extra story is a gift for those who want to purchase the paperback.

All of my novels are available in paperback format.  They can be purchased online at Amazon or Create Space.  The link is on my official website.

As for Malcontent, I am pleased to report that it is 75% of the way done.  I have about ten more chapters to write.  It has been a long road with this specific book.  There were a great many difficulties, but I am happy to say that everything is going rather smoothly now.

Thank you to everybody for their inquiries and please keep submitting reviews for works red.  Your review could be the difference between someone taking a chance on reading or missing the opportunity all together.

Thank you!