Saturday, June 28, 2014

Progress Report for Wicked Love

Hey, everyone!

My computer has been causing me some major issues.  I have had to resort to wiping out everything and installing factory settings.  However, that has not solved the issues that I am having.  I wouldn't be surprised if my computer is on its last legs or if it has a virus that is effecting the keyboard.  This old thing has served me for five good years which is about the longest lifespan of any laptop I ever had. So it is fine.

It has delayed me from continuing to write Wicked Love, but I am forging onward.  I am almost ready to send the first few chapters to my editor, and start the second third of the book.

I have also been preparing July's newsletter.  It contains a teaser about a special treat I have in store for those special readers who have reviewed my work.  More details in the newletter which will be mailed out on the first of the month..

Thanks to everyone for all of your inquiries and support. Please be sure to leave a review for any of books and sign up for the newsletter.