Sunday, May 22, 2011


After many months of editing, I have finally published Restraint via Thank you for your patience and kind words of encouragement. It has really been a trying couple of months and there were so many delays in the publishing process which were frustrating. However, I am just happy that I can shut the door on this project and open the door to another.

Now, I can get started on a short story I have in mind and finish working on the sequel to Restraint, Lament. Please be on the lookout for the video trailer of Lament as well as the three chapter book preview that I will post soon on

As for my short story, it will be free as always, but will probably be released in a month or two. The preview trailer will be posted on my website.

Remember to leave feedback for any of my writings, because I do try to take every critisim to account when working on future works.

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