Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Wicked Magic Teaser Trailer

So, I just finished the Wicked Magic teaser trailer, and I hope that everyone likes it.

I have gotten a lot of mixed reviews for Weeping Willow, and it was a difficult decision for me to consider writing a full-length novel. For the most part, fantasy is not my genre of choice. I wrote the short stories with the intention of proving to myself and to others that I had a wide range to my work. I loved the way Weeping Willow turned out, but in writing it, I did leave my comfort zone.

I have read many of your reviews... Most people seem to think it is too short! For a short story, I can say with confidence that it is not as short as others out there. The story seems to suck the reader in and before one can really make sense of what is happening, it finishes. Such is the tactic writers use to get you to read the sequel...

But thanks to all of your feedback, I have decided that the demand for a longer work is strong, and although it forces me to leave my comfort zone, I am happy to write it. I hope the novel version will give some of these characters some resolution. I know it will take you on a longer adventure that will be both heartbreaking and thrilling.


  1. I have enjoyed ALL of your books. I am so glad you are going to write a novel to Weeping Willow and Restraint.