Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Praises and Criticisms

First of all, I would like to thank everyone that has left feedback for my novels and shorts. I do read your praises and criticisms. They do help me gauge what you, my audience, is interested in. I am glad that everyone has decided to download my works and judge for themselves whether it is for them or not. I write because I enjoy it, and whether I publish or not, I will always continue to write, but everyone's kind words really urge me to continue to improve.

I am really flattered when I hear that Weeping Willow has become an all time favorite read for someone. I knew when I wrote it that I was writing something special. Even though it was only meant to be a short to show my range and to dabble in the fantasy genre, Weeping Willow has become a huge hit with readers, and I couldn't be more happier. I am writing Wicked Magic for those that want to read more about Willow and Nalin, and if all goes well, I wouldn't be apposed to making it a series. We'll see....

I have read the comments from people that had problems with the pacing and have stated that they couldn't relate to the characters. Some even suggested that I could have drawn it out and made it more descriptive. And... it's true. I could have flushed it out into a full length novel, but it wasn't meant to be a novel. It is a short story. The purpose of Weeping Willow was for me to try something new and introduce myself to my audience as kind of a preparation for, my novel, Restraint. If I had decided to make the original stories a novel, it would have been more flushed out and paced perfectly as Restraint was.

But there will always be someone who will like something and another who will not. You just can't please everyone. I can't make someone relate to the characters. You either do or you don't. You either read the words and get lost in them or you don't. That is just a matter of taste. I have read books that critics gave perfect ratings to that I just couldn't finish. It happens.

I believed the best way to tell Weeping Willow was from the point of view of two soul mates whom were struggling to find one another. I also wanted to test my skills writing from a guy's point of view which was interesting and different for me. I don't regret the fast-paced action because it was in keeping with Nalin's desperation to reach Willow before Callan. Regardless of criticism, I was really happy with the outcome.

Wicked Magic will be a full length work so expect more detail and dialog, but hopefully it is in keeping with the original stories and it is something fans will enjoy.

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