Friday, April 12, 2013

Droplets of Inspiration

Hi, everyone!

So, I wrote a mini short story about the Jersey Devil (don't judge me :P) for a magazine submission, and it was such a good experience, I decided to do it again.

The reason it was such a great experience was because I literally wrote it in one day. A short story should really be like 5000 words or less. The one I wrote today was 1500. My other published shorts are more like novelettes or mini novels of 10,000-20,000.

There is no problem in writing novelettes, but they just take way longer. I think the shortest time I ever spent writing one was a month and the longest was three months. While I love bringing you novelettes and I will continue to write them, I will only release one a year...maybe two, because my priority is my novels.

So, I was thinking of removing my shorts from this blog. Don't worry...Weeping Willow will always be available on Smashwords and B&N for download.

In return, I will add a poem and a mini which will not be published anywhere else. I don't know how many minis I will do. Maybe one a season of any genre. You guys can even recommend one for this month. I was thinking werewolves or ghosts, but give me some recommendations. Remember these will be really short so don't expect anything of length.

These writings will only be published on this blog. NO WHERE ELSE. They will not even be on my website. These will satisfy those fans who are always looking for more of my writing while allowing me time to finish my novels. Plus, they will help me stay in touch with my audience and improve my writing skills.

Look out for these changes really soon. Thanks!

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