Sunday, March 30, 2014

Download Scattered Free!

Hi, everyone.

From today until the 3rd of April, Scattered will be FREE on to download.  This opportunity comes around once every few months where I am able to put it up on Amazon for free.  It is not something they offer for more than five days at a time.  There have been people who work around it.  I have, personally, not figured out a way how I can do that for a work I want to post exclusively on Amazon.  If you have any suggestions, please post or forward them to me.

Scattered is a psychological thriller/murder mystery.  I am so proud of it.  I really believe it is one of my best works.  Give it a try and please share your thoughts by adding a review to Amazon.

Thank you!

Download Scattered here.

Rebecca Ardsley was a witness to a traumatic event that she cannot remember. All she knows is she was found wandering in the woods in the early morning hours, suffering from shock. She hasn’t seen her friends and family in months. When she is released from a recovery facility, she finds it hard to adapt and return to the friends she has known her whole life. Feeling like a stranger in a foreign land, Rebecca realizes the only way to settle what happened is to release the memories that are trapped in her own mind. Even at risk of her own life.

Word Count: 14,087

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