Friday, January 23, 2015

Amazon Preorder

Hi, everyone.

I just put through the Amazon Preorder information for Wicked Love. It should load in the next few hours and be available for purchase by tonight or tomorrow.  For those that have mindless, this is great news.

Now for those who read on Nooks, Barnes and Noble does not have a preorder function on nookpress. But I will submit everything at midnight on the first, so it will be ready by the morning of February 1st. Smashwords readers should know that Smashwords does have a preorder option but it must be done two weeks before release, and I am a day short. I will load Wicked Love around midnight so that the early birds will have the ability to buy it.

Thank all of you for being so patient during this process. This journey into writing Wicked Love has taken about 6 months but it was really a two and a half year wait. Wow! Your reviews of Wicked Magic really inspired me to write the best book possible because it pushed me to be also a better writer and storyteller.

Wicked Love is being read by Josie's Haven and will be reviewed on her site soon. Look out for that. I will be posting a link for that as soon as I get that.


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