Thursday, April 16, 2015


So, I just got back from the hospital, and it turns out that I have a virus.  Yay me!  Not really.  This specific type of virus causes canker sores, and let me tell you, canker sores are so painful.  It starts off with flu-like symptoms and then the virus kicks in.  My lymph nodes are engorged.  I just can't wait for this nightmare to be over.  The good news is that once this virus goes away, I will have built up an immunity to it.  It will be unlikely that I will ever get it again.

I haven't been able to write or anything!  But I hope that when I am all healed, I will be able to get started on my latest novel.  Wicked Chemistry is almost complete, and I plan to release the paperback with all tree shorts.  Those on my mailing list will be receiving a copy of the new short.

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