Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sleeping With The Angels

Today I had to make the worse decision of my life. My heart is broken and part of my soul is missing. My beloved dog, my baby, my son, Brownie expired at 3am. He was suffering from kidney and liver failure. It may have been brought about by age as he was a ten year old Yorkshire Terrier. I had to make the horrific decision to end his suffering and put him to sleep. I truly feel that if I didn't make this decision, he would have died painfully in the night. I couldn't allow my baby to suffer.

He lived a happy ten years with me, and our bond will never be forgotten. He was my child, and no one can ever understand the bond between us. We could truly understand one another with a glance. He was everything to me, and I to him. I have had too many experiences with the paranormal to doubt his presence is with me and will continue to watch over me in heaven.

I love you, Brownie. Sleep with the angels, my beloved friend. Rest in eternal peace with all of my friends and family that have past before you in heaven.

Brownie Coello
February 28, 2001 - October 12, 2011

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