Monday, December 3, 2012

Submitting Shorts

Hi, everybody!

I know I have a lot of short story lovers out there that are looking forward to more. I had planned to write a free short every year. I still want to do that, but I am looking into submitting stories to literary magazines. This could help me to reach a much larger audience later on. However, most magazines want stories that have a small word count and have never been published before. So, I cannot submit the stories I have already written. That means I have to write some more and submit them without publishing them.

I have collected a list of magazines that seem right up my alley. I am currently writing a short that is based on a dream I had. It is based on a Scottish castle and has to do with the legend of the Green Lady. Right now, the project is entitled The Collector, but that title can be subject to change. I plan to submit that story. If it were to get rejected, then I would release it to the public around the time I release Malcontent. However, release date will vary because response time for a magazine submission can take weeks or months.

Update everyone soon.

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