Monday, January 14, 2013

Updated Website

Hi, everyone!

I updated the short stories tab of my website. I added cover art and blurbs for The Collector, Scattered, and Shattered. I finished writing The Collector, but I submitted it to a literary magazine for consideration, and one of the stipulations is that it must be previously unpublished. So, I cannot release it to the public as of yet. I am currently writing Scattered which I will also submit for consideration for another literary magazine.

Shattered is the next short I am going to write, and that one will be released to the public as a free download. I don't have an exact release date. It really depends on how fast I can write. These are not the only shorts I have in mind, but these are the first ones I am writing.

I have to also make video trailers, because it is something I like to do for all of my works. They may not be added to the website for another month or so, because my focus will be on my shorts and Malcontent. I am going to try to get more done this year than last year. That should have been my New Year's Resolution!

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