Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Yearly Novelette for 2014 is...The Collector

Hello, everyone!

Happy New Year!  Hopefully everyone has a wonderful 2014 in front of them with continued health and blessings.

Every year I release a free novelette/short story for my readers.  This new year is no different.  I'm releasing The Collector.  This story has been a long time coming since it is loosely based on a dream I had many years ago which I still think about.

I am currently going over formatting for publishing my work on Smashwords.  It should be published by the end of the day and within a week or two at other online bookstores. Please be sure to download it and leave a review.  Your reviews are important to me and other readers who don't know whether or not to give indie authors a shot.

Again, have a Happy New Year!

Download The Collector here

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