Saturday, April 21, 2012

Update on Soft Covers and Pricing now has both formats up (e-book and soft cover) ready for purchase. The price for the soft cover is $10.99, but you can find it for cheaper on the Amazon Market. has the books up, but they are fixing some glitches so the books will not be available for purchase until April 28th. For some reason, Lament's retail value is showing at $9.99 when it is really $10.99 and my editors name is coming up instead of mine. So, Barnes and Noble has some technical issues. However, Barnes and Noble will have the best pricing at 33% off market value. The books will range from $7.41-8.99. These titles may go for even cheaper in the market store once used copies are available. has the books up and ready to buy at retail value of $10.99.

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