Thursday, April 12, 2012

Q/A Behavior Within Social Networks

Q: What is appropriate for an author to talk about on twitter/facebook?

A: I am writing this post, because I was disgusted by the way certain authors acted on social media websites. While these types are a minority, I felt it necessary to discuss this topic.

Like many of you, I follow various authors on Twitter and Facebook. I tend to add anyone who is aspiring to be a published author like myself. Most indie author's fall into that category.

When I was on one of these websites, I witness authors asking followers for money, ranting about how miserable their life is, and begging followers to purchase their ebooks while threatening to quit writing.

It could be my pride, but I would never beg my twitter followers to donate money. I don't think it is appropriate. If they donate that money, they don't know if it is really going to your writing business or anything else you may want to spend it on. I don't ever ask for money! If one wants to buy my book, that is fine. That is why I write, but to ask for handouts seems wrong to me. Don't do it! And don't get angry when people aren't willing to donate either!

I want to be clear about this. While it is okay to post a friendly reminder that your book is available, it is important to conduct yourself with class. I don't expect to be bombarded with a hundred messages to download your ebook. Nor do I want to follow someone that only tweets that. Tweet about your life. Be positive and inspirational. Let the fans get to know you. No one would read a book without either sampling the author's work, hearing rave reviews, or getting to know them as a person of authority within the field.

For authors, your books are your business, and you are the image of your business. There is never a time when cursing is acceptable! Cursing at fellow authors and fans who are trying to help you is contradictory to your focus. One is never truly an expert in your chosen field. The point is we keep learning as we go on, and the best way to learn is from someone who has been there. Listen to your fellow authors!

Now in the case where a fan is asking for your work for free, it is not correct to unfollow them or write unsavory things. Just remind them that your work is available at all online outlets for the price which is set. If you have shorts available online, remind them of those. Unless someone is nasty, there is never a time when threatening to unfollow people is appropriate!

Remember that once something is on the web, it is there forever. Conduct yourself with some decorum.


  1. Well said. I not a writer just a person who loves to read. I am glad I have never met any author asking for money. I have read reviews that are just plain mean. They are more like critics(bullies) then being a reviewer.

    1. You just touched on my next Q/A topic... Dealing with Criticism. This is tough because it can have positive and negative affects of a creative person's ego. I hope that I can inspire others with some of the things I have experienced in the past year.